Paid Social Media Hack .8: Leverage the Power of Keyword Targeting and Hashtags Firstly, Facebook doesn’t offer keyword targeting options, so this hack doesn’t apply to Facebook advertisers (you have to target specific interests). Twitter, on the other hand, is a goldmine for keyword targeting, but it works very differently on social than it does on Google search. Let’s take a look at a comparison of keyword targeting on Google vs. Twitter: Paid social media Twitter keyword targeting Keyword targeting on Google often feels like you’re marketing to robots – I call this “caveman English”.


 The keywords are rigid


blunt, and direct. Social keywords on Twitter are much more conversational, informational, and use hashtags. This can actually make targeting them feel more “natural,” as you can serve ads to users based on these conversational phrases that don’t feel as salesy as ads on Google. Also, it’s important to note that on Twitter, you’re targeting people who have used certain keywords in their Tweets, in addition to keyword searches on Twitter. The Ridiculous Power japan phone number of Hashtags Hashtags are amazingly powerful to Twitter advertisers. They scream high user engagement, and make it ridiculously easy to target relevant users by topic or interest.

 Take this tweet for example

Just by using the hashtag .gameofthrones, this tweet was retweeted almost 800 times! Sure, it might have gotten retweeted a bunch of times if I hadn’t used the hashtag, but there’s Belgium phone number no way it would have gotten this much engagement without it. Paid social media Larry Kim Game of Thrones tweet Think carefully about keyword targeting on social, and don’t overlook the importance of hashtags! This combination can be awesomely powerful and generate incredible results. Note: to do this on Facebook, you would have to target people who were interested in Game of Thrones.

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